Hood cleaning services are a vital part of maintaining a clean and safe kitchen environment in any restaurant. Improper hood care could become not only a health hazard, but a fire hazard, as grease fires are an increasing risk when build-up accumulates in the exhaust system. While regular washing is certainly important, the detailed, deep cleaning that can be achieved by hiring professionals to provide your with hood cleaning services is a necessary investment of time and money. It’s an operating cost, and one that you, as a restaurant owner should consider a priority.

While your staff might be regularly tasked with cursory cleaning of their kitchen prep areas and the appliances they use, they aren’t equipped with the skills, the knowledge, or the tools that professional restaurant cleaning services and hood cleaning services are. Hood cleaning services have teams trained in the use of specific chemicals and equipment to clean all exterior surfaces of your industrial range hood as well as the inner mechanics and filtration system. Exhaust fans, filters, and air ducts can all be grease traps; and if those areas are allowed to go unaddressed, they become fire hazards.


Hood cleaning services can maintain the cleanliness of your restaurant kitchen’s exhaust system and help ensure that it runs efficiently. Those systems filter the air in and around your kitchen’s cooking areas, which means they can be compromised by the accumulation of grease, oil, and smoke. The resulting odors are certainly a concern, but even more critical is the possibility of compromising health code and fire regulations, endangering your staff, and putting the health of your diners at risk.

Hood cleaning services can provide you with a team of trained, licensed, and insured technicians who specialize in services including:

  • Removing, scraping, and washing filters
  • Scraping and scrubbing the interiors of ductwork
  • Washing fan blades, fan housing, and drip pans

Hiring a professional team for hood cleaning services is far more beneficial to your restaurant than you might initially realize. In fact, if your kitchen’s hood and exhaust systems are not well-maintained, more than just your kitchen might go up in smoke. As you contemplate your bottom line, consider the value of hood cleaning services–they improve the health standards of your restaurant, decrease the risk of kitchen fires, improve ventilation, decrease your energy costs, and provide your staff and patrons with a healthier environment.

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