The-Janitorial-Supply-Closet-Good-as-Gold-or-Recipe-for-Disaster_clip_image001When providing janitorial service quotes for new facilities, the first place you need to look is the janitorial supply closet.
Anyone who has started his/her own janitorial business from nothing can really appreciate the satisfaction that comes when you finally have the opportunity to provide a quote for a decent-sized facility. So imagine my excitement when I first was asked to submit a bid for an 87,000 square-foot building! Little did I know that on that site visit, I would learn a lesson that would serve me well for my entire career.

During our walk-through, I asked to see the janitorial supply closet. Inside, I found one vacuum, five one-gallon jugs of vinegar, and five one-gallon jugs of bleach, along with a few dirty dust mops and brooms. At that moment, I knew I had struck gold. The manager giving me the tour shook his head, commenting that now he knew why the building was in such poor shape. This was obviously the first time he had visited the janitorial supply closet. That night, I submitted a proposal with supply guarantees, a quote for re-organizing and stocking the supply closets, and a promise to keep them in good shape. Within a few days, we were awarded the contract.
Ever since my first big walk-through with the disastrous closet, my teams have been held accountable for the condition of the janitorial closet as part of their job description. This has helped me secure jobs, keep customers, and lower costs. When you see a disorganized, disgusting, and disappointing janitorial supply closet, that means the building needs your help—and fast.
Over the years, I have been in many closets that were true disasters. I have found vacuums (or machines that were once vacuums) in various stages of disrepair, chemicals in the wrong spray bottles, open bottles of cleaning agents, puddles of spilled cleaning chemicals, and every other form of chaos you can imagine. But while these closets may appear to be a nightmare, they are a blessing for the savvy janitorial firm.
Most facilities managers are very busy, and checking the cleaning closet is not high on their priority list. But when faced with a janitorial closet that is as bare as Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard—or one that resembles the aftermath of a tornado-they will be relieved to know you can help.

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